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The bodye Team

introduces itself
owner/personal trainer

My life is movement – and movement, that’s me. Thus, I realized very early how important physical activity is for my well-being. I tried out various kinds of sport and finally studied sports (among other subjects). Above all the kinds of sport that seemed weird to me I found interesting.

When your body is healthy, your soul's fine too!

At some point I started to explore entirely foreign areas, on an expedition in the Chinese mountains or later at mountain marathons in Switzerland. Pure nature and experiencing my limits. In this, you count on health and fitness and the economy of movement. The focus is on efficiency.

I have the same aim with respect to bodye – with or without EMS….. fitness, efficiency and fun in any case!

personal trainer

Reaching your physical limit in 20 minutes? I'll show you!

Ever since my childhood, exercise and sport have been an important part of my life. It all started with football and I was allowed to experience many wonderful moments as a team player, but sometimes, as a goalkeeper, you’re a bit of a loner.

That’s why I like going to the starting line as a lone fighter, for example at the Zuri Marathon, the Survival Run, or the Iron Bike. In this, I love testing my physical and above all my psychological limits and see what my body is capable of achieving.

As a beginning personal trainer/coach, I want to put into practice all that I’ve learned and pass my knowledge on to you. You’ll be surprised how much you can achieve in 20 mintues!