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Do you know your personal way to success?
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Personal training

  • As professional coaches as well as sportsmen and sportswomen we live our passion: movement, body and sports.
  • Our goal: the most efficient training tailored to your needs, your success and 20 minutes per week you’re looking forward to.
  • Our focus is solely on you – your physical preconditions, your motivation and your goal.
  • Our training method combined with the right use of the latest EMS technology will turn your workout into a thrilling experience and will lead you to a new dimension of your body.

Even after the first training sessions you’ll realise that you’re on the home stretch.Let our spark set you on fire!

Can you feel your muscles? It’s not so easy to feel your muscles and to flex them correctly. Or to find the right exercises and to move exacly and anatomically correct. We analyse your demands, your goals, your wishes – and we’ll be there for you at every single training – i.e. 100% support – thanks to our experience, the right devices, tips and help, your training will always be healthy. That’s how movement is fun!