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Are you ready for a trial training?

bodye EMS Personal Training

easy and enormously efficient
Personal Training

Together we are strong. We love the team spirit of sport – it’s the key to success. Your success is our victory. Let’s get started!

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EMS Training

To begin with, there’s your activity. In addition to that, we activate your muscles. Electro-muscle-stimulation feels like ants running through your muscle system. A kind of active massage.

20 Minutes

With bodye, you’ll start your most effective and most efficient whole-body training – invest 20 minutes per week and discover the power of your body!

Advantages EMS Training

this is what EMS offers
More fitness and vitality in everyday routine, losing weight, shaping the body of your dreams, building up power and stamina, the last kick in your favourite sport, strengthening your back, easing your tenseness – what are your goals?

Our Clients

here's why they train with the bodye method
The committed client

They're committed to their job and they don't have a lot of free time in their private life. And they rather spend their free time with their family than at the gym. But a 20-minute-training fits even into their tight schedule.

The determined one

Their goal is not the New York marathon, but a healthy and balanced life. This includes the focus on a healthy diet as well as being attentive to the signals of their body.

The client suffering from pain

Their daily office work in a sitting position is getting to them and causes growing physical pain. They need specific muscle development that relieves the pressure on their spine.

The client keen on body shaping

They've tried a lot to reach the body of their dreams, but up to now no form of training has done the trick. EMS will help them build up muscles and this process fosters burning fat.

The lazy client

They're real do-littles and don't like leaving their couch. Since they found out how much they can gain from only one 20-minute-session per week they've been on fire!

The athletic client

Sport belongs to their life like the air that they breathe. EMS accompanies their daily training in various kinds of sport and fosters specific muscle development.